Unlike the Habs – I ‘ m Alive and Scoring !

Write a story asking a nation to look in the mirror and look what happens !

Not only was my story pulled from my site at Fansided.com – I was dismissed because the story caused an uproar among the predominant American writers on the site.

What ‘s up with that eh ?

Is it any wonder that a culture that has a history of violence and is becoming more so with each passing decade continues it ‘s path ? Not really …

Ignorance breeds not only racism yet many forms of ugliness and while the U. S . media continues to cheer Uncle Sam and all of his money grubbing Senators – the real people of Detroit and almost every other suburb of American cities continue their decline. A freefall into obesity , laziness and self – destructive behavior.

A man such as Eminem can sell millions of records talking about crack and whores yet a simple , decent man such as myself cannot ask a simple question such as ‘ Is violence in hockey a reflection of American society ?’ Something is wrong in the U. S kitchen and it goes much deeper than an overbaked apple pie !

Frank Rekas is the man responsible for my dismissal and although he is probably a decent man and sports fan – he is not a journalist. He is a rah – rah type of guy who , as long as things are in the box – is quite happy. Copy and paste stats , add quotes from players and coaches that everyone has access to … everything is fine ! Think for yourself and make others think – beware of  George Bush’ s famous words ;

” Every nation in every region now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

Hide Rick Hide !

Now that I have rocked the U.S vessel , should I move to avoid the CIA ? Will my children be safe ?

I enjoy writing and bringing humor to people. I also am very opinionated. This entire episode has left a sour taste in my mouth and not because I am no longer writing on Fansided.com. The bitter saliva that is dripping on my ‘ made in China ‘ coffee table is an aftertaste of the way Mr. Rekas would not respond to my courteous email and the fact that he blocked me from asking the other writers on Fansided for their opinions and to have a possible vote. Is America not a Democracy … ?

I will continue to write. On the Habs … ? I am not sure.

Whatever the subject  – it will be on a site or blog where I am guaranteed freedom of speech and not suppressed by Big Brother.

Shame of Fansided and shame on Mr. Rekas.

Oh well , their loss – not mine !


Rick Keene